Move to Health provides a number of services to meet the diverse of needs of our clients: individual bodywork, Body Talk classes, weight loss & pain reduction meetings, and nutritional consulting.

What our clients say

Sachiye Nakano has helped me so many times, both as a dancer and in my day to day well being. She is really a talent…sensitive, a range of tools to draw from, and a sense of what’s truly needed. She tunes into the amazing potential of the “body” and brings it to optimum performance.

Linda GoldDancer, Choreographer, College Professor

What we do

  • Bodywork

    The types of therapies used in a session are solely based on your needs at the time. After initial evaluation, all sessions begin with Body Talk. If you require further treatment, other modalities are integrated into the sessions. At the end of each session, we re-evaluate and determine if you need further repair or maintenance with another visit.

  • Nutritional Consultation

    We use a personalized approach to nutrition to address the whole person. First there is a detailed health history and symptom list, then several in house tests, which measure various aspects of health. Symptoms we have helped include diabetes, weight management, low thyroid, digestive disorders, arthritis, skin disorders, fibromyalgia, anxiety and much more.

  • Classes

    We offer year-round classes and free introductory workshops to give new students a basic understanding of our methods prior to class registration.